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short specification

  • Designed for Single Cable Solutions
  • Supporting 2 and 4 wire applications
  • Allows for long-distance transmission up to 100 m cable length
  • Functional Safety up to SIL3, PLe, Category 3
  • Suitable for sensors and actuators
  • Singleturn/Multiturn encoders and linear measuring systems
  • Qualified for High Performance Motion Control
  • High transmission rates up to 10 MBaud
  • Short regulation cycles down to 32 KHz
  • Reliable and interference-immune data transmission
  • Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) for encoders (sensors) and Motor & Drive (actuators)
  • Sensor hub: optional connection of further sensors (e.g. temperature)

Open standard

SCS open link is an open standard. With the aim of making an open source interface available to the Community members which would guarantee them smooth interoperability of every component. Deployed in the drive system, though being from different manufacturers.


In order to ensure compliance with our standards, SCS open Link products undergo the certification process of the SCS open link test laboratory. This ensures and guarantees standardized compliance and interoperability with products from other manufacturers which allows for trouble-free deployment of components from different sources in the same system.


The corresponding downloads are available on our download page.