The benefits of SCS open link for:

Drive manufacturer

  • Standardized but yet open interface, optimized for drive applications
  • Reliable, EMC-immune and fast protocol
  • Simple and secured “safety evaluation”, also for several axes
  • Shortest cycle time up to 32 kHz
  • Transmitting full position data in a telegram
  • Always downward compatible
  • HDSL Hardware compatible
  • Easy FPGA implementation by IP core
  • Supporting real time cores in future micro processors
  • Evaluation board with FPGA-plug-in

Machine manufacturers

  • Best solution for his specific application
  • Free to select the best-matching provider
  • Certified functional safety components for convenient drive implementation
  • Space-saving drive systems for tight machines and installations
  • Light weight for higher dynamics
  • Future ready for IIoT/ Industry 4.0 applications

End user

  • Convenient installation thanks to fewer number of connectors
  • Eased installation without the need for additional space in EMC- compliant installations
  • Reduced weight within cable routing (trailing cable, energy chain)
  • Saving costs by saving material (cables, connectors)
  • Holistic concept
  • All drives speak the same language
  • Protocol allows high flexibility
  • For use with hybrid and standard cables