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SCS open link is an open motor feedback interface for motor – drive communication. In the first place, it is intended for high-performant and bi-directional data exchange, as for example encoder position data.

Utilizing RS485 as transmission standard, SCS open link enables simple, cost-efficient but yet a reliable device interface up tp 100m transmission distance. The interface protocol is suitable for use in functional safety systems up to SIL3 level.

Freely accessible by a transparent licensing model, the upcoming new market standard provides the reliability of standardized device interoperability which slave-devices have to prove in a standard conformance test.

SCS open link. Open standardized. Reliable performant.


  • Single Cable Solution
  • 2 or 4 wires
  • High-performant communication in real time
  • Functional safety


  • Proven standard
  • Open, non-proprietary protocol
  • Based on Hengstler ACURO®link


  • Functional safety, suitable up to SIL3 / PLe level
  • Ideal for condition monitoring and other sensor applications
  • Protocol focus on motor feedback applications

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